Hogan v. Hello et al., [1966] N.B. Law News No. 38 (QB)

JudgeMichaud, C.J.N.B.
CourtCourt of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick (Canada)
Case DateSeptember 14, 1962
JurisdictionNew Brunswick
Citations[1966] N.B. Law News No. 38 (QB)

Hogan v. Hello, [1966] N.B. Law News No. 38 (QB)

MLB Law News

John J. Hogan (plaintiff) v. Joseph Hello, Hilaire Brideau and Ronald Buraglia (defendants)

(Archives RS48/1960/305)

Indexed As: Hogan v. Hello et al.

New Brunswick Supreme Court

Queen's Bench Division

Michaud, C.J.N.B.

September 14, 1962.


Contingent Fees - The Plaintiff, a solicitor, successfully brought action for 10% of monetary settlement he was able to obtain for the Defendants. Michaud, C.J.N.B., as he then was, found that champerty was not part of the law of New Brunswick, and that in the absence of vicious or improper intervention in litigation that an agreement for contingent fees for legal services "is legal and enforceable to the extent of its fair construction and interpretation".

Barristers and Solicitors - Topic 3126

Compensation - Agreements - Contingent fees - See paragraphs 1-50.


[None disclosed].

This case was heard before Michaud, C.J.N.B., of the New Brunswick Supreme Court, Queen's Bench Division, who delivered the following decision on September 14, 1962.

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