House of Commons.

AuthorWinters, Nellie
PositionLegislative Reports

This account covers the period from July to end of September 2021.

The Forty-Third Parliament was dissolved by means of a proclamation from Governor General Mary Simon on August 15, 2021. The General Election was held on September 20, 2021.

During the final year of the Forty-Third Parliament, the House adopted a hybrid format that permitted Members to attend House of Commons and committee proceedings in person or remotely by video conference due to the safety measures prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Also introduced during the pandemic was a remote voting application that greatly accelerated the taking of recorded divisions in the House of Commons during the hybrid arrangement. Prior to its implementation, recorded votes in the adapted Chamber took an average of 45 minutes each due to the process of individually registering the votes of Members participating remotely. The motion adopted by the House on January 25, 2021, reflecting the changes to the Standing Orders and usual practices of the House allowing for the conduct of proceedings according to the recommendations from public health authorities was in effect...

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