How to Use this Book

AuthorDavid A. Potts
ProfessionBarrister, Bar of Ontario
 : How to Use this Book
is book is not designed to be read cover to c over. Rather, it is designed to
provide judges and law yers, faced with a problem or number of problems
arising from cyberlibel, a source of pert inent information as needed.
e following features have been introduced to facilitate the book’s use:
. e body of the text has largely been written i n a factum-style format.
. ere a re a series of Frequently Asked Quest ions (FAQs) in Chapter 
covering a variety of issues, which ca n be consulted as a starting point.
. My p ersonal observations are identied as personal observations. is
has been done so that you can ignore them i f you wish and so t here wil l
be no c onfusion w ith the statements of law that are contai ned through-
out the book. Where t here are comments on certain cases , I have distin-
guished between my opinion and statements of law.
. e chapters are designed as much as possible to be self-contained. is
has, in my view, both a central benet and a central drawback. e benet
is that tiresome scampering back and forth between chapters for required
information by the reader will be reduced. e drawback is duplication of
aspects of the law among certain c hapters.
. e book contains large caselaw extracts from certai n decisions, especial-
ly from the Supreme Court of Canada, House of Lords, the US Supreme
Court, the High Cour t of Austral ia, and other appellate courts. e large
extracts are ins erted in severa l situations, more specical ly:

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