Human Trafficking

AuthorLoree Armstrong Beniuk, Jo-Anne Hughes, and Jack Reynolds
Human Tracking
—It was a horric series of crimes—a -year-old girl coerced into
prostitution, forcibly conned, raped and tortured. . . .
Rye [the tracker] was an escort and met the girl at a party in May . A few
months later, Rye and the girl were at a man’s apartment when the man accused
the girl of stealing $,.
Later, the girl was visiting a friend when Rye and another woman arrived and
asked the girl to come outside. She was told to get in a car. She sat between two
men and was asked, “Where’s the money?” . . .
Rye then drove the girl to the man’s apartment where the money had gone
missing. Rye slapped her and the man burned her with a lighter. e girl said she
was blindfolded, tied up, waterboarded and raped, although Rye was not implicated
in those crimes.
e man who lived in the apartment urged the girl to come up with a plan to
repay the $,. She was coerced to work as a prostitute, with all the money going
to the man.
Over the next week, Rye drove the girl to many appointments where she per-
formed sexual acts.
[Some weeks later,] when the girl arrived at the appointment at a hotel in Lon-
don, Ont., she called her mother, who arranged for family members to pick her up.
She ed the hotel room and hid in a hotel bathroom until relatives arrived and took
her to safety.
“One thing you never took from her was courage,” the girl’s mother told Rye. “She
had the courage to escape, the courage to speak up, the courage to face those who
brutally wronged her and unending courage to continue through this justice system.”
—Gordon Paul, “‘You Stole Her Trust’: Kitchener Woman Gets Four Years in
Prison for Human Tracking of 15-year-old girl” Waterloo Region Record

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