AuthorSusanne Boucher & Kenneth Landa
Abandoned property, 80–83, See also
Medical waste
Acts outside of Canada. See Extraterrito-
rial search
Additional DNA seizures. See DNA
Databank seizures, Unsuccessful
Advanced technology, See Technology
Agent of the state, 18–21, 22–25, 125,
ALERT test. See Roadside breath test
Amplification, 205, 211–13
Anticipatory search, 310
Apartment building common areas.
See Common areas (multiple
unit dwellings)
Areas open to public, See Business
establishment, privacy in
Aerial surveillance, 8, 67, 73–74
Articulable cause, 9, 10, 149–50,
Assistance order, 194, 326
Assistance, voluntary, 191–93, 328
Automobile. See Motor vehicle
Backing of authorization, 325
Backyard, 67, 74
Bad faith. See Illegal police conduct
Banks. See Financial institutions,
seizures at
Bawdy-house, search of, 321
Forfeiture, in rem, 321
Bedpan vigil, 43–45
Active and passive bedpan vigils
distinguished, 44
Betting–house, search of, 321
Forfeiture, in rem, 321
Bill of Rights, United States. See Fourth
Blood sample, 12–14, 17–18, 45, 46, 90,
191, 226–27
Bodily impressions, 353. See also
Bodily substances. See ALERT test,
Blood sample, Breath sample,
Breathalyzer test, Buccal swab,
Hair sample
Body cavity search, 38–40, 115, 240–41,
374, 380

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