AuthorSusan Barker, Erica Anderson
The lett ertfollowing a page numbe r denotes a table
Access to Informat ion Act (Can), stipula-
tion on Cabinet m aterial use, 1 18–19
Access to just ice, 23–24
Act (s). See also S tat ute(s)
social object ive and, 13
bis, where to  nd, 70t
commiee information , websites, 105
Hansard, where to nd, 86t
Law Reform Ins titute, 142
een’s Printer Gove rnment Publ ica-
tions Searc h, 127
regulat ions, where to nd, 218t
royal comm ission report s, 138
Albert a Law Reform Instit ute, reports,
website, 146
Amend ing legisl ation, 44–45
Anti-Ination Act, Re ference Re (SC C),
exclusion ary rule, 25–26, 114
Appropriation bi s, 45
Austral ia, legislative h istory, use in
courts, 31
Backgroun ders, 117
Bank Act (Can), Green Paper, use of, 115
Beauchesne’s Parliamentar y Rules & Forms,
Bi charac teristics (Onta rio), 61–62
Bi of Right s (UK) [1688], 17–19
Bi (s) (fed era l)
appropriation , 45
borrowi ng, 46
budget, 45
clause by cl ause, comm iees and, 95–96
coming i nto force, overview o f pro-
cess, 48
commiee stage
second readi ng, 56–57
tracing st atute histor y, 176–77
consideratio n in commiee, 47
dened, as prop osed law, 39
digitize d versions, histor ical, 72
documentation, 48–59
dra of, 41
draing characteristics, 44–46
Forms of, 45n20
information sources, 40
introduct ion
rst readi ng, 49–50
in Parlia ment, 41
Legislative Summarie s (Library of Par-
lia men t), 41
minutes of proc eedings, 57
motions and a mendments, 55–56
name and nu mber of, 42–43
News Release a nd Backgrounder, 53

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