AuthorKaren Eltis
AB v Bragg Communications Inc, x ii, 3,
67, 74–75, 89
Access to justice.
Internet’s chilling eec t, 3, 15, 68,
privacy protection versus, 74–75, 89
Anonymiz ation, 93–99
de-anonymi zation, 96–97
limitation s, 94–95
open courts principle, eect on, 71,
Costeja case, 3 –9
Courts . See also Electronic cou rt
government-owned servers, in-
fringement on separation of
power s, 22–2 3
inability to correc t documents
once released, 75–76
integrity, Internet’s potential to
compromise, 15
judicial use of Internet resource s,
development of guidelines, 59
loss of control over records once
posted online, 75–76, 97
mindful po sting, 81–82
preservation guidelines, need for
courts to develop, 60
privacy of litigants, e ect of failure
to protect, 3
publishers, as , 72–73
bias in favour of disclosure, 73
delays prior to publishing, bene-
ts of, 89
records containing personal
information, r isk of improper
use , 15–16
technology issues impac ting pri-
vacy, need to identify, 2, 17–18
Cyber searches
jud icia ry, b y
balanced approach, need for,
concerns, 41–46 , 49–50
principles, 62
perception of justice, eect on, 15
Electronic c ourt records
balancing acces s to justice versus
privacy protec tion, 74–75, 89
commercial use by thi rd parties,

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