AuthorCameron Hutchison
[  ]
Abella, J ustice, , 
Access control rig ht. See also Circum-
vention; Digital Mille nium Copyright
Act (DMCA), Sec tion  provision
definition by Ac t, –
interpret ation of, 
nexus requ irement, –, 
US interpr etation, 
Access to Inform ation Act, 
Advertising, –
Amazon K indle store, 
America n Law Institute, –
Anti-c ircumvention meas ures. See
also Circum vention; Copyright
Modernizat ion Act; Technological
protection meas ures (TPMs);
World Intellect ual Property O r-
ganiz ation (WIPO)
access control, , 
authorial i ncentive versus user
rights, 
burden of proof f or violations, 
copy control, , 
copyrig ht interests, balanc ing, ,
exceptions to, , –
general inter mediary liab ility rules,
internation al, , . See also
Copyright law, international
Internet, ad apting legal doctr ine
for, , . See also Internet,
impact on copyr ight law; Inter-
net intermed iaries
Internet inter mediaries, and
creation of,  . See also Internet
intermed iaries
interopera bility infor mation, dis-
seminat ion of, 
introduct ion of, –, 
langua ge interpretation, , 
rational ization for, 
remedies for v iolation of, 
targets of,  –
technologic al protection meas ures
(TPMs), and, , , 
US Green Paper,  , 
user privac y, and, 
Apple iTunes store, 
Authored work s. See also Authoriza-
tion right s for authors; Computer
programs , authoring using; Copy-
right, cond itions for obtain ing;
Internet inte rmediaries; Mor al
rights; Non- consumptive uses of
works; Substa ntial takin g

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