AuthorCraig Forcese; Nicole LaViolette
2002– 2012 Canadian Sport Polic y, 188
Accidents caused by cycl ists
careless dr iving offences, 63–64
collisions with other c yclists, 72
failing to stop at the scene, 64
municipal bylaws regardi ng, 64
Accidents caused by a motor vehicle
careless dr iving, 60–61
dangerous operation of a motor
vehicle, 58 –60
failing to cooperate w ith police, 56
leaving the scene, 61– 62, 71
protocol in aftermath of, 5 4–55, 56–57
reporting to t he police, 55–56
“road rage,” 62– 63
Accidents caused by negligent governments
bad road conditions, 74
inadequate signage, 73–74, 75–76
municipal liability, 75–76
off-road accident s, 76–78
Accidents occurr ing outside Canada,
Age requirements for ridi ng a bicycle, 13
Anti-do ping programs, 17 3–74
Anti-doping reg ulations, 172–73. See al so
Canadian Ant i-Doping Program
(CADP); Cycling, competit ive;
Cycling A nti-Doping Founda-
tion (CADF); World Anti-Doping
Ag ency (WADA )
Armstrong, L ance, 173
Athanaeum Bicyc le Club, 153
Aubut, André, 182 –83
Barry, Michael, 182
Bells and hor ns
arguments again st use of, 18
lack of studies on safet y argument
for, 18
problems with using, 18
provinces that require on bicyc les, 18
invention of moder n, 153
lack of uniform legal de finition of,
motor-assisted bicycle s, 12–13
other wheeled dev ices, 13
power-assisted bicycles, 11–12
unicycles , tricycles, and quad ri-
cycles, 11
Bicycle club, i ncorporating a, 121 –23
charit able status, 124 –25
filing initi al paperwork, 126–27
name, choosing a, 125– 26
not-for-profit (NFP) status, 123–24
Bicycle club, managi ng a
annual meeti ngs for members, 131
board of directors, 128 –30
coaches, 141– 45. See also Bicycle club,
managing a, neg ligence law
police check s, 142

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