AuthorTed Tjaden
Abbreviations, unde rstanding. See Dic-
tionarie s
Aborigin al law, 214–16
Abridgment, 462. See also Can adian
Abridgme nt
Administrative law, 216–18
Agency law. See Contract and agenc y law
Agreements. See Legal wr iting
Alternati ve dispute resolution (ADR),
American Jurisprude nce (AmJu r), 66
American Law Reports, 66
Appellate court s. See also Supreme Court
of Canada
generally, 114–21
High Court of Aust ralia, 120–21
role of in judicial sy stem, 116
Supreme Court of Can ada, 116–17
Supreme Court of the Unite d King-
dom, 118
United States Supre me Court, 119
Australa sian Legal Informat ion Institute
(AustLII), 127, 146
Banking l aw, 221–22
Bankrupt cy and insolvency law, 223–25
committee deb ates, 93
def‌inition, 92 –93, 461
f‌irst readi ng versions, 93
generally, 92–97
legislative pro cess, as part of, 92–93
private bill s, 95
private member bi lls, 95
public bills, 94 –95
second readin g versions, 93
third read ing versions, 93
Blogs, 80, 128, 136–38, 150 –51, 213,
371–72, 416, 461
Bluebook. See Citat ion, legal
Books. See Treatises
Boolean oper ators, 462
British and I rish Legal Informat ion
Institute (BAI LII), 127, 146
Butterworth s Canada. See LexisNexis
Buying legal re sources. See also Licens-
ing; Manag ing a law library
criteria for s electing, 336–39
deciding bet ween print and electron-
ic resources, 335–36
managi ng a law library, 339–41
negotiating l icences for electronic
resources, 341–43
Canada L aw Book, 51
Canadian Abridgment, 62, 67–71, 462
Canadi an Citation Committee . See Cita-
tion, legal

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