AuthorSasha Baglay/Martin Jones
Abandonment of cla ims, 306–7
Action Plan on border sec urity, 19
Administrative guidelines, 67–77
institution al framework, 67–68
Chairperson’s. See Immigration
and Refugee Boa rd Guidelines
jurisprudent ial guides, 75–76
persuasive de cisions, 76
policies and instructions, 76–77
IRCC operational ma nuals, 68,
70–71, 267
IR PA, admi nistration, 60, 68– 69
MIRC. See Ministerial instructions
Agreement betwee n the Government of
Canada and the G overnment of
the United States of Amer ica for
Co-operation in the E xamination
of Refugee Status Cl aims. See Safe
Third Country Agreement
Action Plan, 19
Safe Third Country Agreement. See
Safe Third Country Agreement
Smart Border Declaration, 19
federal-provin cial agreements. See
Federal-provincial agreements
internat ional agreements. See Inter-
national treaties and conventions
Airlines. See Transportation com panies
Appeals. See also Judicial Review
DCO claimant s, 29, 94, 336
designated fore ign nationals, 29, 336
ID decisions, 414. See also Immigra-
tion Appeal Div ision (IRB)
judicial rev iew decisions, 357–58. See
also Federal Cour t of Appeal
rejected claim s on exclusion grounds,
removal orders, 414
right to appea l, 334, 336
RPD decisions, 3 09, 334. See also
Refugee Appeal D ivision (IRB)
security certif‌icates, 405
Application for refugee prote ction. See
Refugee claims
Arrest an d detention, 370–407
Charter application , 53–55, 56–57,
detention condition s and practices,
detention review s, 372, 388–89
procedural as pects, 392–95
disclosure, 393–94
heari ngs, 394–95
Index 555
notif‌ication of dete ntion, 393
security certif‌icates, 404
substant ive aspects, 389–92
immigrat ion regimes, 370, 375–407
comparis on chart, 406 –7
designated fore ign nationals, 96,
370, 382 –84
IR PA, ss. 55(1)–(3), 375–81
danger to the public, 377–79
identity est ablishment, 379–81
unlikely to app ear, 376–77
security c ertif‌icates, 404. See also
Security certif‌icates
Internati onal Covenant on Civil and
Political Rights, 82
overview, 371–74, 407
purposes, 370
right to counse l, 53–55, 374
statistics, 519–24
vulnerable pe rsons, 372–74
children, 372–74
Assimilation, 120
Assisted Volunta ry Return and Reinte-
gration progra m, 434–35
Asylum seeker s. See Boat people; Refu-
gee claimants
Asylum shopping, 207–10
Safe Third Country Agreement. See
Safe Third Country Agreement
Backlog of refugee cl aims, 13, 28
Basis of Cla im Form, 178, 284, 286,
Biometric identi f‌iers, 19
Blended Visa Off‌ic e–Referred Progra m,
Boat people, 13–15, 25–26
BOC. See Basi s of Claim Form
Border secur ity, 19. See also Canada
Border Services Agency
Action Plan, 19
interdiction, 274–77
information sh aring, 275–76
Refugee Protection an d Border Security:
Striking a Balance, 18 –19
Safe Third Country Agreement. See
Safe Third Country Agreement
Smart Border Declaration, 19
Burden of proof. See also Proof
detention ground s, 395
refugee statu s, 144–47
evidentiar y presumptions, 145–46
exclusions, 205 –6
legal burden, 144
statutory pr ovisions, 146–47
risk of tortu re, 234–35
undeserv ing of protection, 210
Canada Borde r Services Agency. See also
Border secur ity
creation, 20
detention practice s, 384–88
enforced removals, 435
guidelines. See Administrative guide-
institut ional framework, 67–68
IR PA, admi nistration, 69
multiple border s strategy, 275–76
pre-removal risk a ssessment deci-
sions, receipt, 432
Canada Ch ild Benef‌it, 112–13
Canada Pens ion Plan, 113–14
Canada Sin gle Journey Document, 436
Canada-Que bec Accord Relating to Im-
migration, 46
Canadian Char ter of Rights and Freedoms.
See Charter of Rights an d Freedoms
Canadia n citizenship. See also Citizen-
ship Act; Naturali zation
application for, 134–37
ineligible per sons, 136
requirements, 134–36
discri mination based on, 59
revocation, 136
rights, 87, 91
Carriers. See Transportat ion companies
Cartagena Declaration, 143
CAT. See Convention Against Torture
CBSA. See Canada B order Services
Cessation of ref ugee status, 192–97,
310–13. See also Rejected refugee
compelling re asons exemption,
196– 97
consequences, 194, 310
loss of perma nent residence
stat us, 194
risk of removal, 194

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