AuthorAri Kaplan/Mitch Frazer
Accrual of ben ef‌its, 209–22. See also
Retirement be nef‌its
continuous accrual, 214–19
contractual absence, 217–18
disabilit y and workplace injury, 217
layo and progres sive discipline,
216 –17
past serv ice credit, 218–19
statutory lea ve of absence, 215–16
dismis sal from employment and,
generally, 219
notice period, acc rual during,
common law perio d, 220–22
not vested durin g notice per-
iod, 222
statutory per iod, 219–20
gradual and u niform manner, 210–11
generally, 210
hour banks an d union plans,
Income Tax Act max imum, 239
reduction of accrue d benef‌its void,
wind up of plan, 5 41
Actuarial equivalency
early retirem ent, 265–67
form of pension, adjust ment for, 254–55
Actuari al surplus versus act ual surplus,
567–6 9
Actuari al valuation report, 415, 418–21.
See also Valuation of pen sion plan
content, 419–20
f‌inancia l f‌ilings, distingu ished, 441
MEPPs or JSPPs, 426–27
pension ass et transfers, 498
per iodicit y, 418–19, 56 6
plan amendment , 421–22
surplus, disclosure, 566–67, 584
Actuarie s
adminis trative agents, as, 59, 357–60
valuation rep orts. See Actuarial valu-
ation report
Additiona l voluntary contribut ions
(AVCs), 95–96, 240–41
def‌ined, 241n205
Adminis tration of pension plan. See Pla n
Admini strative agents. See Agents a nd
advisor s
Administrative expenses. See Plan
expense s and costs
Administrative fees, 375–76
Adminis trative law, pensions and, 30 –31
generally, 30
high duty princ iple, 30–31
application, 31
Administrator. See Plan administrator
Advice and dir ections, 346–50
Advisor s. See Agents and advisors
Advisor y committees, 320–21
Age discrimination, 274–80
bona f‌ide occupational requirement,
generally, 274–75
mandatory retirement, 263n318
pension plans
age-based benef‌it s, 275–77
bona f‌ide schemes, 278–79
provincial approa ches, 277
reasonablene ss test, Ontario,
279– 80
Age-based pen sion benef‌its, 275–77
Agency principle , 350
Agents and advi sors, 350–68
expense s and costs. See Plan expenses
and costs
overview, 350–55
duty to monitor, 350–51
generally, 350
scope of agent’s duty, 352–53
to whom duty owed, 354–55
who is an agent, 351–52
privacy is sues, 383
types of ad ministr ative agents, 355–68
actu arie s, 357–60
custodia ns and trustees, 360 –65
employee investment con sultants,
employers, trade un ions, and
directors, 355–57
investment adv isors and man-
agers, 365–66
lawyers, 36 8
Aggregate fu nd rate of return, 3
Agreement Re specting Multi-Juris dic-
tional Pension Pla ns (2016), 110–11
Amendment of pen sion plan. See Plan
Ancillar y benef‌its, 258–59
bridging be nef‌its. See Bridgin g benef‌its
f‌lexible pension pl ans, 95–96
greater rig hts principle, 125
grow-ins, 543– 45
optional cont ributions, 391
Annual infor mation return (AIR), 323n76
Annual pen sion statement, 14, 206–7
Arbitrati on, surplus distr ibution, 590–91
Arthurs Com mission, 74–75, 76
surplus wit hdrawal, 571, 579
Asset transfers. See Plan mergers and
asset transfers
Assignment of pensions
marri age breakdown, 251, 303–4
restrictions, 247–51
Audit and accounting, 4 41–44
auditor report s, 442
f‌inancia l statements, 441–42
IFRS guideli nes, 442–44
Bankrupt e mployers. See Insolvent
Bankrupt p ensioners, 249–50. See also
Financial hardship
Benef‌iciar ies. See also Death benef‌it s
designat ion, 290–93, 307
post-retirement b enef‌its, 287
Blue Book, 41, 43, 561
Bona f‌ide pens ion plan, 278–70
Bridging be nef‌its, 258, 273–74, 545
Buckton rules, 193
Building on Reform cons ultation paper, 59
Burke v Hudson’s Bay Co, 370, 461–62,
574, 5 96
Buschau v Rogers Communica tions Inc,
18–19, 439, 455, 458–61, 518, 574
Canada Pens ion Plan (CPP), 22, 42–43
bridging be nef‌its. See Bridging
early retirem ent, 56
Canada Reve nue Agency (CRA). See also
Income Tax Act
debt collection, 250 –51
plans regi stered with. See Registered
pension plan s under Income Tax
Canadia n Association of Pension Super-
visory Authorities (CAPSA), 34–35
model law, 75–76
multi-juri sdictional agree ment, 79
Canadian Char ter of Rights and Freedoms,
CEO, jurisd iction, 159–60
equality r ights, 27–29
freedom of asso ciation, 25–27

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