Instruments of Interest

AuthorGregory Tardi
Instruments of Interest
Department of Justice Act, RSC 1985, c J-2
An Act respecting the Department of Justice
Short Title
is Act may be cited as the Department of Justice Act. R.S., c. J-, s. 
Establishment of the Department; Attorney General
 ere is hereby established a department of the Government of
Canada called the Department of Justice over which the Minister of
Justice appointed by commission under the Great Seal shall preside.
 e Minister is ex ocio Her Majesty’s Attorney General of
Canada, holds oce during pleasure and has the management and
direction of the Department R.S., c. J-, s. 
 e Governor in Council may appoint an ocer called the
Deputy Minister of Justice to hold oce during pleasure and to be
the deputy head of the Department.
() e Deputy Minister is ex ocio the Deputy Attorney Gen-
eral except in respect of the powers, duties and functions that the
Director of Public Prosecutions is authorized to exercise or perform
under subsection () of the Director of Public Prosecutions Act.

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