International Observation of the 43rd Federal General Election

AuthorGregory Tardi
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Canada’s Oce of the Chief Electoral Ocer is part of a vast inter-
national network of institutions specialising in the administration of
elections. is network comprises national elections organizations and,
in some cases, sub- national ones, along with international organizations.
Most notable among these are the United Nations and the OSCE, the
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
In many instances, elections oces based in states and international
organizations including elections in their portfolio of work send observ-
ers to monitor each others’ elections. For the rd federal general elec-
tion, Canada welcomed national observer delegations from Australia,
Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mexico, New Zealand, and Sweden.
ere was also an international component to incoming election obser-
vation. From July  to July , , the OSCE carried out a Needs Assess-
ment Mission (NAM) to Canada, to assess the pre-election environment
and preparations for the parliamentary elections. e NAM f‌iled a report
on August , . From our perspective, two matters were of particular
interest in this document. e f‌irst was the NAM’s setting out of Can-
ada’s election law framework.

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