Internet Libel Actions Stayed as an Abuse of Process in the UK

AuthorDavid A. Potts
ProfessionBarrister, Bar of Ontario
 : Internet Libel Actions Stayed as
an Abuse of Process in the UK
In the UK the courts have recently held that a libel action may be struck out or
stayed as an abu se of process where the extent of publicat ion within the juri s-
diction is very small or there is no realistic prospect of achieving v indication
in any event. is argument is discussed in some detail for Canadia n lawyers
and judges because it is applicable to Internet libel actions in Canada.
Dow Jones & Co. Inc. v. Jameel, [] EWCA Civ  quoted in Mardas v. New
York Times and Anor, [] EWHC  at para.  (QB); Lonzim Plc & Ors v.
Sprague , [] EWHC  (QB)
See, for example, further decisions disc ussing the abuse of process argument:
Budu v. e British Broadca sting Corporation, [] EWHC  (QB)
Kaschke v. Gray & Anor, [] EWHC  (QB)
Khader v. Aziz & Ors, [] EWCA Civ 
Smith v. ADVFN Plc & Ors, [] EWCA Civ 
Carrie v. Tolkien, [] EWHC  (QB)
Lonzim Plc & Ors v. Sprague, [] EWHC  (QB)
Atlantis World Group of Companies N V & Anor v. Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso
SPA, [] EWHC  (QB)
Ewing v. News International Ltd & O rs, [] EWHC  (QB)
Smith v. ADVFN Plc & Ors, [] EWHC  (QB)
Amoudi v. Brisard & Anor, [] EWHC  (QB)
Bunt v. Tilley & Ors, [] EWHC  (QB)
Bin Mahfouz & Ors v. Ehrenfeld & Anor, [] EWHC  (QB)

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