AuthorC. Ian Kyer
O      Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP is a legal be
hemothwith overlawyers in sixocesac rossCanada andi nLondon
Paris and Johannesburg but it had a modest beginni ngI n it began
as a twoman rm in a si ngleha lffurnished room in TorontoThe legal
workof those founding partners was neitherh ighprole nor particularly
remunerative. They did debt collection and insolvency work for mortgage
lenders. They almost never appeared in court. One of the two was not even
thestrongestlitigationpracticesin CanadaHowdidarmexpertinban k
ruptcy that served the legal needs of ban ks and insurance companies come
tobe rankedas the worldsleading mining lawrm It seems a stretch to
act for both bank presidents and hard rock mi ners, yet that is exactly what
happenedThemodernlegalpracticeoftheFaskensrmcanbe stbeunder
stoodandappreciatedbyastudyofitsrstyearsthecenturythattr uly
shaped it.
Originally known as Beay  Chadwick the rm passed th rough
twentyfournamech angesoverthe nextyearsand bywasknown
as FaskenC alvin MacKenzie Williston  Swackhamer In  the rm
adopted the name Fasken & Calvin, which it retained unch anged until its
mergerwit hCampbe llGodf reyLe wtason Novemberto createFas
kenCa mpbel lGod freyOn Febru ary itt ookon thepr esent name Fas
kenMartineauDuMouli nLLPfollowingmergerswithQuebecsMartineau

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