AuthorMartine Valois/Ian Greene/Craig Forcese/Peter McCormick
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    was established in  with two div-
isions — trial and appeal — and in  the two divisions formally split into
two separate courts. In , the two courts decided to celebrate their th
anniversary in  together. A th Anniversary Steering Committee was
formed that included Justices Richard Boivin and Donald J Rennie from the
Federal Court of Appeal and Justices Simon Noël and James O’Reilly from
the Federal Court. ey were assisted by Amélie Lavictoire, Executive Dir-
ector of the Federal Court of Appeal, and Lise Lafrenière Henrie, Executive
Director of the Federal Court. Justice Simon Noël was chosen as the chair
of the group. Amongst other parts of the celebration, the committee decided
that there should be a book about the courts to be published in . Given
that it takes several years to plan and produce a comprehensive publication,
the committee began a search for potential authors. Justice James O’Reilly
began to make inquiries for the committee.
Justice O’Reilly contacted Ian Greene in August . Greene and
O’Reilly knew each other because both are active Fellows of McLaughlin
College, York University. Greene was part of a group of scholars who com-
pleted a major research project on courts of appeal in , resulting in a
book entitled Final Appeal,1 the research for which inclu ded interviews with
all of the judges of the Federal Court (Appeal Division) in the mid-s.
1 Ian Greene et al, Final Appeal: Decision-Making in Canadian Courts of Appeal (Toronto:
Lorimer, 1998).

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