Introduction. How Expert Opinions Fit into Civil Trials

AuthorJohn Hollander
how expert opinions f‌it into civil trials
How Expert Opinions Fit
into Civil Trials
   opinion. However, not all opinions
are admissible, and even those that are admissible are not
immune from attack. is handbook focuses on expert
opinions for use in civil litigation. Where duly qualied,
experts overcome the common law rule against opinion
evidence: experts give opinions that assist the court in
making a decision in respect of a specic issue.
Why do lawyers require expert opinions? Because of
case analysis, lawyers know what they have to prove
sometimes, they have to explain facts proved by lay wit-
nesses; often, they have to prove whether or not a course
of behaviour met a standard of care. is is where experts
come in.
Experts can:
explain complicated facts
establish the standard of care
compare dierent conclusions
help the court decide which conclusion is best
Judges are prone to admonish lawyers about the use
of experts. “ere are too many experts,” they say. “You

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