J. Additional Resources on Knowledge Management

Author:Ted Tjaden
Profession:National Director of Knowledge Management McMillan LLP

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Set out below are some additional resources on knowledge management, with a focus on knowledge management in law firms.

1) Selected Books on Knowledge Management for Lawyers

Battersby, Karen. Know How in the Legal Profession. Edited by Caroline

Poynton. London: Ark Group, 2006.

Kennedy, Dennis & Tom Mighell. The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration

Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together. Chicago, IL: American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section, 2008.

Page 318

Parsons, Matthew. Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms.

New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.

Rusanow, Gretta. Knowledge Management and the Smarter Lawyer. New

York: ALM, 2003.

Susskind, Richard. The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal

Services. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.

Susskind, Richard. Transforming the Law. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003.

2) Selected Journals and Articles

Ash, Jerry, ed. INSIDEKNOWLEDGE (magazine). Ark Publishing. Online: www.ikmagazine.com.

Blackwell, Gerry. "Sharing Knowledge Is Power" Canadian Lawyer (February 2009) at 21.

Bontis, Nick. "The Rising Star of the Chief Knowledge Officer" (Mar. 2002) 66 Ivey Business Journal 20.

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Gottschalk, Petter. "Knowledge Management in the Professions: Lessons Learned from Norwegian Law Firms" (1999) 3(3) Journal of Knowledge Management 203.

Gottschalk, Petter. "Predictors of Inter-Organizational Knowledge

Management: Lessons Learned from Law Firms in Norway" (2001) 8(3) Knowledge and Process Management 186.

Hunter, Laurie. et al. "Knowledge Management Practice in Scottish

Law Firms" (2002) 12(2) Human Resource Management Journal 4.

Jabbari, David et al., eds. KMLEGAL (magazine). Ark Publishing. Online: www.kmlegalmag.com.

Kay, Stuart. "Benchmarking Knowledge Management in U.S. and UK

Law Firms" (15 August 2002). Online: LLRX.com, www.llrx.com/ features/benchmarkingkm.htm.

Khandelwal, Vijak K. & Petter Gottschalk. "Information Technology

Support for Interorganizational Knowledge Transfer: An Empirical Study of Law Firms in Norway and Australia" (2003) 16(1) Information Resources Management Journal 14.

Page 319

Rusanow, Gretta. "Culturing Lawyers in Knowledge Management (1999) 1(1) Knowledge Management Asia-Pacific...

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