Judy Sander.

Position::MY FAVOURITE THINGS - Brief Article - Interview

JUDY SANDER, Business Adviser/Manager, Northwestern Ontario Technology Centre

Do you have any role models?

I have lots of role models but I would have to say my parents. My mother for her enthusiasm and zest for living and my father for his sense of humour. And both of them for their work ethic and values.

What is your favourite vacation spot?

My favourite vacation spot is somewhere in the middle of a wilderness park (Quetico or Wabakimi) with my canoe, my husband, my kids and the dog.

What is your favourite animal?

The dog-because it's nice to come home and have something so utterly happy to see you!

What is your favourite thing about Northern Ontario?

The location-I can be skiing, canoeing, sailing, camping, snowshoeing, swimming in a lake, hiking ... in minutes!

What is your favourite work attire?

If I had the choice it would be a pair of comfortable jeans and a cozy fleece shirt. Definitely NOT high heels and nylons

What is your favourite time...

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