Key External Stakeholders: Community

AuthorCheryl Foy
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Key External Stakeholders:
Indigenous peoples are key stakeholders for universities, and universities
have committed to supporting and advancing the interests of Indigen-
ous peoples. For some universities, the relationship and commitment to
Indigenous peoples will be more obvious because there will be a specic
mandate in the institution’s act or bylaws to serve First Nations commun-
ities. ere may be designated board seats for First Nations community
members. In the preamble to the First Nations University of Canada Act, it
is provided that
the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, now the First Nations
University of Canada, was established in  under the authority of
Saskatchewan First Nations, as an academically integrated and independ-
ently administered institution to serve the academic, cultural and spirit-
ual needs of First Nations and society in general.
1 “Governance and Human Resources Committee Terms of Reference,” First Nations
University of Canada (29 July 2020), online: Also, Algoma
University and Lakehead University have designated board seats for First Nations.
2 First Nations University of Canada Act, 2010, online: Federation of Saskatchewan Indian
Act_-_Amended.pdf at 1.

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