Key External Stakeholders: Government

AuthorCheryl Foy
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Key External Stakeholders:
Understanding and addressing the interests of all stakeholders is critical to
making a contribution and fullling your duciary duty as a board member.
e ecosystem of universities is such that your stakeholders will be multiple
and from a wide variety of groups. When making key decisions, the board
should ensure it has identied the stakeholders aected and that it under-
stands the eects of the decisions on those stakeholders and their interests.
Chapters , , and  are intended to give board members an overview of
who the external stakeholders may be.
Universities have relationships with all levels of government. e Canadian
Constitution Act, 1867 provides that provinces have exclusive authority
over education within the province. However, the federal government has
long played an active role in education, and the relationships between and
among universities and the federal and provincial governments has long
been dicult to navigate. David Cameron’s description of the challenges
of the s gives a glimpse at the foundations of the ongoing tensions and
patterns we see today:
1 Constitution Act, 1867 (UK), 30 & 31 Vict, c 3, s 93.

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