Key Internal Stakeholders: Faculty

AuthorCheryl Foy
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Key Internal Stakeholders: Faculty
ere are approximately , faculty at Canada’s universities. Faculty
are essential to universities because they engage in the primary work of
the universities — research and teaching. Matters of concern for the board
relating to faculty include quality and productivity and the measurement
of the same, the implications of the university’s faculty demographics, fac-
ulty morale, alignment between faculty prole, faculty research, and fac-
ulty expertise with university strategic direction and student demand, and
labour relations issues.
Statistics Canada breaks down full-time faculty into four basic categor-
ies. is is the breakdown as of –:
1 “Number of Full-time Teaching Sta at Canadian Universities, by Rank, Sex” Table:
37-10-0076-01 Statistics Canada (2019), online: Statistics Canada www150.statcan.

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