Key Internal Stakeholders: Students

AuthorCheryl Foy
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Key Internal Stakeholders: Students
Students are a key university stakeholder and it is important to understand
them. In , there were approximately . million full- and part-time
students in the Canadian university system. Chapter  addresses univer-
sity nances, but it’s safe to say for all universities that students contribute
a signicant portion of university income, and since  “government
income has stagnated while income from students has steadily increased,
mainly due to increases in international student numbers.”
Although described as one stakeholder, the student body is not homo-
geneous, of course. is one stakeholder is made up of many groups. e
university structure itself divides students by level (undergraduate, gradu-
ate, postgraduate), by faculty, and by program of study within a faculty.
e student body is also made up of many racial, social, religious, ethnic,
socio-economic, and other groups.
Students are changing. Generation X has dierent characteristics than
Generation Y or millennials. Next are Generation Z and Generation Alpha.
1 “Facts and Stats,” Universities Canada (31 July 2018), online: Universities Canada
2 Alex Usher, The State of Postsecondary Education in Canada, 2020 (Toronto: Higher
Education Strategy Associates, 2020) at 31.

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