Land-Use Planning Resources

AuthorHoward Epstein
1) Canadian In stitute of Planners (CIP), online:
The CIP publishes Plan Canada, a journal focused on Canadia n plan-
ning is sues.
2) American Planni ng Association (APA), online: ww
The APA publishes Planning a nd the Journal of the APA, both import-
ant planning serials. It also publishes books through the Planners
Press and its Planning Advisory S ervice (PAS) Reports.
3) Provincial government depa rtments
Provincial government depar tments concerned with municipa l af-
fairs such as Onta rio’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
offer a range of information about the land-use planning and regu-
latory system. So, too, do departments or spec ial authorities that
have responsibility for natur al resource matters and environmental
4) Municipal govern ments
Municipal governments usually publish their off‌icial plans a nd land-
use by-laws as well as some inform ation about land-use planning
initiatives under way and projects under consideration.
5) Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), online:
The FCM offers the political perspective of Can adian municipalities
as a collective. There are publications on planning topics.

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