List of court rules

AuthorJanet Walker/Lorne Sossin
ProfessionOsgoode Hall Law School, York University/Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
Jurisd iction Rules
Alberta Rules of Court, A lta. Reg. 390/1968
British Columbia Supreme Court Rules, B.C. Reg. 221/90
Federal Courts Federal Courts Rules, S.O.R./98-106
Manitoba Q ueen’s Bench Rules, Man. Reg. 553/88
New Brunsw ick Rules of Court, N.B. Reg. 82-73
and Labrador
Rules of the Supreme Court, 1986, S.N.L. 1986, c. 42,
Sch. D
Rules of the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories,
N.W.T. Reg. 010-96
Nova Scotia Civil Procedure Rules, online: /Rules/
Nunav ut Rules of Court, N.W.T. Reg. (Nu.) 010-96
Ontario R ules of Civil Procedure, R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 194
Prince Edward
Supreme Court Rules of Civil Procedure, online: /rules /index.php3
Quebec Code of Civil Procedure, R.S.Q. c. C-25
Saskatchewan The Queen’s Bench Rules, online: w
documents /Engli sh/Rule s/qbrule s.pdf
Supreme Court
of Canada
Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada , S.O.R./2002-156
Yukon Rules of Court, on line: ww w.yukoncour /courts/
supreme/yk rulesfor ms.html
Note: UR Ls have been provided for thos e jurisdictions whose r ules are not prom-
ulgated by regul ation.

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