List of tables

AuthorTed Tjaden
Table 1.1 Sample Citations: Square Brackets versus Round Parentheses 32
Table 2.1 Chart of Major Online Canadian Library Catalogues Containing
Law-Related Material 48
Table 2.2 Law Journal Indexes with Canadian Content 55
Table 2.3 Law Society Websites 79
Table 4.1 Simplif‌ied Overview of the Canadian Court System 116
Table 5.1 Popular Internet Search Engines 136
Table 5.2 Popular Internet Subject Guides 138
Table 5.3 Popular Meta Search Engines 139
Table 5.4 Online Directories and Phone Books 140
Table 5.5 Online Legal Directories 140
Table 5.6 Websites for Finding Experts 141
Table 5.7 Websites for Finding Corporation Information 141
Table 5.8 Online Reference Websites 142
Table 5.9 Online Government Websites 143
Table 5.10 Online Government Legislative Websites 145
Table 5.11 Legal Information Institute Websites 146

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