List of Tables

AuthorJames G. Wigmore
List of Tables
(Reference number in bold parentheses)
Signs of Pituri (Mingkulpa) Overdose and Toxicity as Reported by the Aborig-
inal Population (10104)
Mean Nicotine Concentration of Various Tobacco Species Grown in Ethiopia
Cadmium Concentrations in Various Postmortem Samples in Non- smokers,
Ex-smokers, and Smokers (10107)
Reported CO₂e Emissions from Tobacco Manufacturing (10112)
Percentage of Men and Women Tobacco Workers who Suf‌fered Symptoms
after Harvesting Tobacco (10119)
Signs and Symptoms of Green Tobacco Sickness in Tobacco Workers in Brazil
Personal Protective Equipment Which Reduced Salivary Cotinine Concentra-
tions in Tobacco Farmers (10122)
Main Health Issues Associated with Tobacco Production (10123)
Ambient Nicotine Concentrations at Various Locations on a Tobacco Farm
Smoking Variables and Percentage Among the Unemployed, Blue and White
Collar Smokers (10203)
Criteria for Nicotine Dependence based on the Diagnostic Statistical Manual
Version IV (10205)
Urine TSNAs (NNAL) in Urine from Dif‌ferent Tobacco Product users, NRT
and Non-smokers Exposed to SHS (10302)
Percent of Adults who Thought Nicotine was Def‌initely, Maybe, Unlikely, or
Not Harmful to Children (10308)
Some Cardiovascular Disorders Caused by Cigarettes and Nicotine (10309)
Number of Coughs after Inhalation of Capsaicin Spray (for  minutes) in
Smokers and Nonsmokers (10319)

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