List of Tables and Figures

AuthorMartine Valois/Ian Greene/Craig Forcese/Peter McCormick
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List of Tables and Figures
Figure 1.1: Trial Division Prof‌ile of Pending Inventory as of
December ,  36
Figure 1.2: “How the Courts Are Organized” Government of
Canada, Department of Justice, online:.html 45
Figure 1.3: Coat of Arms, Federal Court 52
Table 3.1: Federal Court of Appeal Lo cations for
Hearings of Cases, – 107
Table 3.2: Federal Court of Appeal Caseload, by Initial
Decision-Maker 110
Table 3.3: Appeals Allowed and Decisions Reserved, by Type of Law,
Federal Court of Appeal, – 111
Table 3.4: Length of Time for Reserved Judgments,
Federal Court of Appeal, – 113
Table 3.5: Length of Judgments, in Words,
Federal Court of Appeal, – 114
Table 3.6: Judicial Authorities Cited,
Federal Court of Appeal, – 115
Table 3.7: Success Rate of Litigant Types, as Appellant and
Respondent, Federal Court of Appeal, – 122

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