Lunacy and workplace accidents: Sudbury data company builds software to manage workplace hazards.

Date01 February 2020
AuthorRomaniuk, Colleen

According to Gus Minor, "weird stuff happens" during the full moon.

This might sound strange coming from the chief innovative officer of a Sudbury software and analytics company, but when Sofvie Inc. began developing a risk management platform, the data spoke for itself.

They discovered that workplace incidents seem to wax and wane according to the lunar calendar.

What was going on?

"We started analyzing data from 2017 and 2018, and it matches up very well," said Minor. "I wouldn't say it's a direct correlation, but they happen to cross each other a lot."

They also discovered that workplace accidents tend to spike during a change in seasons. With the proper protocol, it's possible to offset these trends.

"When we tried to amplify our activity a little bit at Technica Mining, and become more aware, we were actually able to go through, I think, six full moons in a row without anything happening."

Whether they are trying to mess with the forces of nature, or just tapping into some as-yet-to-be-discovered influence, Sofvie's goals are to help companies minimize workplace risk and to create an environment where everyone can go home safely.

Sofvie started out in 2008 as an idea to give front-line workers a quick and easy reference tool on the job.

Inspired by an employee, Mario Grossi, CEO-president of Technica Mining, a Sudbury mine contracting firm, approached Minor about whether he would come on board and help bring electronics to the mine face.

Minor started working for Technica in 2009.

"At the time, it wasn't very clear how we were going to do this because the technology was just kind of starting to get formulated and it was still in the realm of the not-possible at that point," said Minor.

Once tablets became more affordable and a lot more software opportunities opened up, their vision solidified.

They started to develop the Enterprise Risk Management System, consisting of a mobile app and web platform meant to give workers the tools they need to communicate with each other effectively, and manage hazards in the workplace.

The platform has a number of features. Users will be able to access their daily line-up from anywhere, so planning can happen before they even get to work.

They have access to a list of open hazards and incident reports, the forms they need for pre-tasks and workplace inspections, training histories for every employee in the field, and more.

Workers can upload photos and other data to the platform, and when they get...

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