Making a SOIRA Order

AuthorSteve Coughlan/Alex Gorlewski
388 Post-trial Matters / Special Post-conviction Procedures / Sex Oender Registration
4.2(f)(i) Making a SOIRA Order
Of what type of oence has the oender been convicted?1
Oence under
ss 490.011(1)(a), (c),
(c.1), (d), (d.1), or (e)2
Has the oender previously been
convicted of an oence under
ss 490.011(1)(a), (c), (c.1), (d),
(d.1), or (e)?3
The court shall make a SOIRA order6
Oence under
ss 490.011(1)(b) or (f)2
Has the Crown
applied for a
SOIRA order?
Has the Crown
applied for a
SOIRA order?4
Has the Crown proven
that the oender
intended to commit
another designated
This is the rst of two charts on sex oender registration orders. In 2004, fol-
lowing the examples of Ontario, the United Kingdom, and several American
states, Parliament enacted the Sex Oender Information Registration Act, SC
2004, c 10 [SOIRA]. As with similar legislation in other jurisdictions, the stat-
ed purpose of SOIRA is to promote public safety by aording police services a
tool — namely, an index of people convicted of sexual oences and their cur-

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