Author:Signorell, Andrea
Position::Legislative Reports - Updates on legislative bills, standing committees and members of the Legislative Assembly

The first session of the 41st Legislature resumed on October 3, 2016. The House will sit until November 10, when this session will conclude in accordance to the Sessional agreement passed on June 21, 2016. The House debated a number of government bills during the fall sitting, including:

Bill 2--The Legislative Assembly Amendment Act, which requires a by-election to be conducted within 180 days after a vacancy occurs in the representation of an electoral division, amending the current Act which requires the by-election to be held within one year;

Bill 7--The Labour Relations Amendment Act, which makes a vote by secret ballot mandatory before a union can be certified as the bargaining agent for a group of employees;

Bill 9--The Election Financing Amendment Act (Repeal of Annual Allowance), removing the annual allowance for registered political parties from The Election Financing Act;

Bill 10--The Balanced Budget, Fiscal Management and Taxpayer Accountability Repeal and Consequential Amendments Act, which repeals The Balanced Budget, Fiscal Management and Taxpayer Accountability Act;

Bill 15--The Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Act (Advanced Education Administration Act and Private Vocational Institutions Act Amended), requiring that policies that raise awareness of sexual violence and address prevention and reporting be adopted and implemented by higher education institutions.

Standing Committees

Intersessionally, the Standing Committee on Public Accounts met three times to consider several reports from the Auditor General and Follow-up of Previously Issued Recommendations on a variety of issues such as: education, educational outcomes for Aboriginal students, Provincial Nominee Program, waiving of competitive bids, and management of provincial bridges.

In addition, the Standing Committee on Crown Corporations met on several occasions to consider reports from various crown corporations including: the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, and Manitoba Hydro. Furthermore, the Standing Committees on Legislative Affairs and the Standing Committee on Social and Economic Development held several meetings to hear public presentations and conduct clause-by-clause consideration of Bills.

Finally, the Legislative Affairs committee also met to start the process for hiring a new Children's Advocate. For this purpose, the committee agreed to strike a subcommittee to manage the hiring...

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