Meet Your Neighbours

AuthorNatasha Bakht
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    twenty-year-old university student studying phil-
osophy. She is not afraid to speak her mind and will not put up with
homophobia, transphobia, or other forms of oppress ion among her circle
of acquaintances. She is active on social media, promoting progressive
politics in her community. In addition to her studies and activism, she
works part-time to support herself f‌inancially. She enjoys dressing well
and usually likes to have a pop of colour in her wardrobe. She is out-
going, outspoken, and has a sharp wit.
Aseeyah is a f‌ifty-nine-year-old woman who went to medical school
in her country of origin. She decided not to complete her studies after
she married and had children. She has lived in three dierent coun-
tries and raised three accomplished daughters. She is friendly and kind,
taking care of her neighbours and building community with people in
dicult circumstances. Because one of her daughters has special needs,
and because her husband is now in failing health, she has had many
interactions with physicians in hospitals and her medical knowledge has
come in handy.
Mehreen is a thirty-six-year-old independent consultant who spe-
cializes in network marketing. She often works for health and wellness
companies that sell nutrition products, skin care, and cosmetics. She is

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