Members of the Regional Council.

HOUSE OF COMMONS Anthony Rota, Speaker Charles Robert, Clerk

ALBERTA Nathan Cooper, Speaker Shannon Dean, Secretary

BRITISH COLUMBIA Raj Chouhan, Speaker Kate Ryan-Lloyd, Secretary

CANADIAN FEDERAL BRANCH Alexandra Mendes, Chair Remi Bourgault, Secretary

MANITOBA Myma Driedger, Speaker Patricia Chaychuk, Secretary

NEW BRUNSWICK Bill Oliver, Speaker Shayne Davies, Secretary .

NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR Derek Bennett, Speaker Sandra Bames, Secretary

NUNAVUT Tony Akoak, Speaker John Quirke, Secretary

SENATE George Furey, Speaker Gerald Lafreniere, Clerk (Interim)

NOVA SCOTIA Keith Bain, Speaker James Charlton, Secretary

ONTARIO Ted Amott, Speaker Todd Decker, Secretary

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Colin LaVie, Speaker Joey Jeffrey, Secretary


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