Mining group urging gender diversity in workplace.

The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) has launched a new document aimed at encouraging gender diversity and inclusion amongst junior exploration and mining companies.

Announced on June 17, the Gender Diversity and Inclusion Guidance is a multi-page document with practical strategies on boosting inclusivity and diversity in both the companies and the communities with which they engage.

"There is often an assumption that improving gender diversity and inclusion is a resource intensive pursuit," said PDAC's executive director, Lisa McDonald, in a news release.

"This guidance document challenges that assumption and demonstrates how small actions can have a tremendous impact on diversity and inclusion."

PDAC notes that, although the mining sector employs roughly 630,000 workers in Canada, only 17 per cent are comprised of women.

As such, the organization has made gender diversity in Canada's minerals industry a top strategic priority...

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