Mining school to bring educational programming to South America.

Date01 April 2019

Laurentian University's Goodman School of Mines (GSM) and Core Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to create new eras of knowledge, discovery and innovation in Latin America, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aiming to promote Goodman educational and research activities in Peru, Chile and Brazil.

By combining the connections of Core Foundation and the strong mining education and research at Laurentian University, the two parties can begin to develop relationships in countries that require world-class mining training as well as meaningful international partnerships to further mining education, training and research in Latin America.

"Countries like Peru need our strong expertise in mining-related disciplines," said Osman Abou-Rabia, interim executive director of the Goodman School of Mines at Laurentian University, in a March 5 news release.

"This agreement has the potential of opening up a new market in Latin America to...

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