A Multitude of Changes but . . .

AuthorC. Ian Kyer
M Ep ilogue N
CHA NG E S BUT . . .
UMK business law practice continued to focus pri
marilyon nancial institutions insolvencymining andhea lthlawbuthe
remained the senior part ner for only six years. As had happened with Tom
Blackstock six decades before the demands of the oce longhours a nd
In he su ered the rst of multiplest rokeswh ile on a business trip
toNew YorkHisw ifeFlorence wasi mmediatelyown down tobe with
him.Althoughheconti nuedtocome intothe oceforsomeyea rsaf terthi s
devastating event, he was never the same. Unable to practise, he turned his
mind to the past and prepared the memoirs of both Faskens and R io Algom
referred to in this h istory.
For the next two decades Williston was the star. He continued to gather
about him bright young litigators creating a sort of litigation boutique
withint helawrmSeveralof thoseyounglawyers wouldbeappointedto
the bench: John Sopinka, who went to the Supreme Court of Canada; John
Laskin and Eleanore Cronk, now on the Ontar io Court of Appeal; and Syd
ney Lederman, a judge of the Ontario trial d ivision. Some went on to dis
tinguished teach ing careers, including John McCamus, as dean of Osgoode
Hall Law School; Bruce Dunlop at the University of Toronto; and John Evans
at Osgoode Hall. Still others went into politics, like Bill Graham, who beca me
interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and Alla n Rock, who became
the federal minister of justice, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations,

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