Never leave your house.

AuthorMireau, Shaunna

I recently learned that Google has added a 3D tour of Disney World. My favourite 'techie' blog Lifehacker reported this at My children report that this is all fine and good, but they hope plane tickets to Florida will show up in hard copy in their near future.

The Disney in 3D report made me think about how simple life could be if you never had to leave your house. The future is VERY friendly for those with agoraphobic tendencies. The Free Dictionary site has a medical dictionary (http://medical-dictionary. that defines Agoraphobia:

The word agoraphobia is derived from Greek words literally meaning "fear of the marketplace." The term is used to describe an irrational and often disabling fear of being out in public. How is the new world friendly for the digitally friendly agoraphobe? If we think of a person through the eyes of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, it is clear that many needs can be met, at least in part, in the digital world.

Who is Maslow?

Abraham Maslow developed the theory of human motivation now known as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. A psychologist, Maslow noted that some human needs were more powerful than others. He divided those needs into five general categories, from most urgent to most advanced: Physiological, Safety, Love/ Belonging, Esteem, and Self-actualization. Maslow first published his theory in the 1940s, and it became a widely accepted notion in the fields of psychology and anthropology. Maslow was a professor at Brandeis University from 1951 until 1969; his major texts included Motivation and Personality (1954) and Toward a Psychology of Being (1962). (Source:

Starting at the bottom of Maslow's pyramid, modern digitally-friendly agoraphobes can purchase most items to sustain themselves physically online without leaving home. Yahoo Canada's shopping directory for food shows 490 websites

The Safety portion of the...

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