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A selection of recent publications relating to parliamentary studies prepared with the assistance of the Library of Parliament (March 2022--May 2022).

Feldman, Charlie. "Much ado about parliamentary review." Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law / Revue de droit parlementaire et politique 16 (1): 105-38, 2022.

* While there are many tools in the parliamentary toolbox, a crystal ball is not among them. How legislation might operate once in force may be radically different than what is envisaged at enactment and may be impacted by circumstances far beyond imagination. As such, legislators sometimes enact provisions intending for the review of a statute or portion thereof. Broadly speaking, this is known as statutory review ... this article will begin by providing its working definition for parliamentary review provisions and illustrating their common elements. It will then present statistics and observations on reviews before discussing challenges with parliamentary review provisions from a legal and parliamentary perspective. Finally, it will conclude with reflections on parliamentary statutory review more generally.

Fleming, Tom and Meg Russell. "The blouse of Lords amendment to the 'Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Bill' returns appropriate power to MPs: they should accept it." The Constitution Unit, 6p., March 9, 2022.

* The House of Lords has amended the government's Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Bill to require House of Commons approval for early general elections. The authors explore what MPs should consider when the bill returns to the Commons. They argue that the Lords' amendment deserves support, as it provides an important limit on Prime Ministers' power to call early elections, and avoids drawing either the monarch or the courts into political controversy.

Gaudreault-DesBiens, Jean-Fram;ois and Noura Krazivan. "Dissipating normative fog: revisiting the POGG's national concern test." Revue Juridique Themis 55 (1): 103-36, 2021.

* This article argues that the test used to determine the constitutional validity of a federal statute on the basis of the national concern branch of Parliament's power to legislate for the peace, order and good government of Canada should be revisited ...

Hargrave, Lotte, and Tone Langengen. "The gendered debate: do men and women communicate differently in the House of Commons?" Politics & Gender 17 (4): 580-606, December 2021.

* It has long been claimed in gender and politics literature that male and female legislators have different communication styles. The evidence for this claim has come mostly from interviews with legislators as the key informants on gendered differences. The authors contribute to this literature...

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