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A selection of recent publications relating to parliamentary studies prepared with the assistance of the Library of Parliament (September 2022--November 2022).

Bhattacharya, Caroline, Gavin Hart, Sean Haughey Holden, Stephen Bates, Alexandra Meakin. "Introduction--The past, present and future of parliamentary and legislative studies." Parliamentary Affairs 75 (4): 697-98, October 2022.

* This special section emanates from the roundtable on the past, present and future of parliamentary and legislative studies, held as part of the PSA Parliaments specialist group's 2020 annual conference.

Bochel, Catherine. "Procedural justice: New approaches to Parliament's engagement with the public?" Parliamentary Affairs 75 (4): 919-38, October 2022.

* This article utilises the idea of procedural justice ('fair processes') as a tool for analysing the ways in which Parliament engages with the public. It concludes that the engagement work of individual services in Parliament often reflects such ideas, and suggests that procedural justice could have value in bringing new insights to the work of Parliament in this area.

Brock, Kathy. "Executive-parliamentary relations in Canada: Moving forward from the pandemic." Canadian Public Administration / Administration publique du Canada 65 (3): 497-515, September/septembre 2022.

* The pandemic caused governments worldwide to respond quickly to a greater array of health, economic and social issues in a more concentrated time span than previously. The Canadian public sector had developed many of the tools needed to act with agility to support the government agenda response to these challenges. With the consent of political parties, Parliament modified its operations and passed empowering legislation to provide the executive branch with sweeping powers to act. In this turbulent time, government accountability was delayed but never forgotten as a series of conversations with senior public servants revealed. This article delves into those reflections on the first year of the pandemic to discern how government operations changed and how both Parliament and the public sector can adapt to ensure that government can act effectively and efficiently but be held accountable for its decisions as it addresses more complex policy challenges in future.

Campagnolo, Yan. "Why Quebec politicians must swear an oath to the King--even if they don't want to." The Conversation: 4p, 19 October 2022.

* The leader of the Parti Quebecois, Paul...

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