New & Updated Resources at CPLEA--Vol. 43-2.

AuthorConley, Lesley
PositionLegal guidelines for landlords and tenants in Alberta

November 2, 2018

All resources are free and available for download. We hope that this will raise awareness of the many resources that CPLEA produces to further our commitment to public legal education in Alberta. For a listing of all CPLEA resources go to:

In this issue of LawNow we are highlighting 3 new publications of interest to renters and landlords in Alberta. These resources can be found on CPLEA's topic specific landlord and tenant website. offers plain language information for Albertans on renting law in Alberta.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, the landlord must ensure that the rental property meets minimum housing standards under the Public Health Act and its regulations such as the Housing Regulation The Housing Regulationrequires that owners maintain housing premises in compliance with the Minimum Housing and Health Standards. The Minimum Housing and Health Standardssets out specific conditions that are essential to making a place safe and healthy to live in. Landlords must follow both the Housing Regulation and corresponding Minimum Housing and Health Standards for the upkeep and condition of their rental properties. This tipsheet provides an...

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