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The first session of the 50th General Assembly continued in the spring sitting of 2022, with the House sitting for 25 days between March 15 and June 1, 2022. During that time, the House debated and passed 20 bills, including the Interim Supply Act, 2022 and the Supply Act, 2022.

Highlights--Spring 2022 Sitting

The Minister of Finance delivered the 2022 Budget Speech on April 7, following which the Estimates were referred to the Resource, Social Services and Government Services Standing Committees for review. During the Estimates process, some Members and departmental officials required isolation due to COVID-19, and several meetings of the Standing Committees reviewing the Estimates required virtual accommodations. Additional clerking support was required to facilitate the virtual capacity, which was successfully achieved. Each Committee delivered its Concurrence Report to the House on May 9. The budget motion was passed by the House on May 12 and main supply on May 16.

On April 13, the Speaker tabled a report of the Commissioner for Legislative Standards under the conflict of interest provisions of the House of Assembly Act, concerning the non-compliance of the Member for Humber--Bay of Islands with statutory financial disclosure requirements. The report, which recommended that the Member be suspended from the House until the financial disclosure was provided, is available here:

On May 2, the Member for Humber--Bay of Islands raised a point of privilege related to the report referenced above, alleging it contained false and misleading statements and questioned the reputation of the Member.

On May 3, the Speaker ruled there was no prima facie point of privilege. In his ruling, he stated that conflict of interest is a serious matter, particularly for elected officials, as they are intended to provide the public with confidence and protect the integrity of our political system. He further stated that a report respecting the compliance of a Member with these requirements does not, in and of itself, breach the privileges of that Member. The entire ruling can be referenced in Hansard, available here: HouseBusiness/Hansard/ga50sessionl/22-05-03.htm

Also on that day, the Government House Leader gave notice of a motion that the House concur in the report but would provide the Member with seven days following the adoption of the motion in...

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