Northwest Territories.

Author:Franki-Smith, Jennifer
Position:Legislative Reports

May--June Sitting

On May 23, 2019, Speaker Jackson Lafferty addressed the Assembly to emphasize the importance of language for the culture and heritage of the Northwest Territories. The Speaker advised Members of the House and the public that throughout the May/ June sitting, the proceedings would be interpreted in four languages: Tlicho, North Slavey, Chipewyan, and French. The short, but busy, sitting adjourned June 6, 2019.

Premier Robert R. McLeod delivered a sessional statement for the continuation of the third session. The Premier spoke of the efforts of the Government of the Northwest Territories over the past four years, in raising the profile of the territory at the national level, Canada's vision for the Arctic, and Northerners setting the terms about how land, environment, and resources are managed.

Committee Activity

Three substantive Committee Reports were presented during this Sitting. On May 28, the Standing Committee on Government Operations presented its report on Bill 29: An Act to Amend the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Committee held four public meetings and received several public submissions. Based on the work of the Committee and public feedback received, the Committee moved 25 substantive motions to amend the bill at the Committee stage. All of these motions were carried and received concurrence from the Minister, in accordance with the Rules of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories.

The Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment presented its report on Bill 38: Protected Areas Act. The Committee held eight public meetings and received submissions from Indigenous Governments, Local Community Governments, and various non-government organizations and individuals. The committee moved 30 separate motions to amend the bill at the Committee stage and all were concurred with by the Minister.

The Special Committee to Increase the Representation of Women in the Legislative Assembly presented its Final Report which included three recommendations: that if the 2019 election does not meet 20 percent women representation, the 19th Legislative Assembly call a plebiscite to determine which of the options set out in a discussion paper on special temporary measures is preferred by the electorate; that the Legislative Assembly create an election rebate for candidates who receive at least 5 per cent of the votes cast in her or his electoral district in the Northwest Territories...

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