Northwest Territories.

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General Election

The general election was held on October 1, 2019 and resulted in the Northwest Territories making history with nine women being elected. Women now account for 47 per cent of the Assembly. Further, 11 of the 19 Members were elected for the first time.

October Sitting--19th Assembly

The House convened for the first Session of the 19th Assembly on October 25, 2019 in accordance of the Rules of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories.

However, prior to convening, newly elected Members began an extensive orientation program which included a Northern Leaders Roundtable with Indigenous and community government leaders. This forum provided local leadership with the opportunity to discuss their priorities, and allowed Members to gather information that would help identify the priorities of the 19th Assembly moving forward.

This marked the third time the newly-elected Members of the Legislative Assembly have hosted northern leaders in such a forum prior to the selection of a premier and cabinet. Additionally, this was the first time it was open to the public as well as to the media.

On October 24, 2019, the Members of the Assembly met as a Territorial Leadership Committee and elected Frederick Blake Jr. (Mackenzie Delta) as Speaker and Caroline Cochrane (Range Lake) as Premier for the 19th Assembly. The Members also elected six Members to serve with the Premier on Cabinet, four of whom are women (see below).

Standing Committees

During the creation of Standing Committees, Members decided to discontinue the Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning and strike a Standing Committee on Accountability and Oversight in its place. Unlike other Standing Committees, this committee is comprised of all eleven regular Members.

The following Standing Committee Chairs and Deputy Chairs were elected:

Standing Committee on Accountability and Oversight:

* Chair: Steven Norn (Tu Nedhe--Wiilideh)

* Deputy Chair: Kevin O'Reilly (Frame Lake)

Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment:

* Chair: Jackie Jacobson (Nunakput)

* Deputy Chair: Ronald Bonnetrouge (Deh Cho)

Standing Committee on Government Operations:

* Chair: Frieda Martselos (Thebacha)

* Deputy Chair: Julie Green (Yellowknife Centre)

Standing Committee on Social Development:

* Chair: Caitlin Cleveland (Kam Lake)

* Deputy Chair: Lesa Semmler (Inuvik Twin Lakes)

Standing Committee on Rules and Procedures:

* Chair: Kevin O'Reilly (Frame Lake)

* Deputy Chair: Rocky...

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