A Note on Names

AuthorC. Ian Kyer
A Note on Names
   Attorney General’s oce brought charges against
Aemilius Jarvis and his son, it referred to them as Aemilius Jarvis the
elder and Aemilius Jarvis the younger. The newspapers referred to
them as Aemilius Jarvis Sr. and Aemilius Jarvis Jr. I have chosen to
refer to them in the way they were referred to by their friends and
family: Aemilius Jarvis and Mill Jarvis. When I use Aemilius Jarvis, I
am referring to the father. In quotations, however, I will reproduce
the name as set out in the original.
When the newspapers and some ocials referred to Andrew
Harvey Pepall, they usually used Andrew Pepall, Andrew H. Pepall,
or Andy Pepall. In fact, he was generally known as A.H. Pepall. Some
people, such as his wife Bertha, called him Harvey. He did not use
Andrew or Andy, and neither shall I.

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