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AuthorC. Ian Kyer
 happenings at city council is the City of Toronto
umes Typicallyvolume  has the cou ncil minutes and a second volume
contains, with ancil lary materials, the reports presented at counci l. The
TorontoPublicLibrarysReference Library atBloorStreet Westand Yonge
Street in Toronto also has a set of these minutes.
The City Archives also have various reports a nd other papers, including
theRJFlemi ngFondsTheFlemingrecords includeleerbooksnews
papercl ippingsa diary scrapbooksa real estate notebooknancia lrec
ordsand ephemera arrangedi nSeries  RobertJ Fleming mayoralty
Manyoft henewspaperaccounts arenowavailableon lineThe Globe is
available online through the Toronto Public Library, as is the Toronto Star. A
number of other papers like the Toronto World and the MontrealGazee cited
inthe bookare availablethrough GooglesnewsarchiveT hosenoton line
A number of reports and publications about the dispute, including the
TRC Charterandrelated legalcasesCunn inghamsreportonthemeth
odsof electrication SinclairsHar vardart iclethe engine ersreport
andthevaluationareavailableonlinethroughArch iveorg

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