Nova Scotia.

Author:Boucher, Annette M.
Position:Legislative Reports

The Fall sitting commenced on September 25 and lasted 34 days until November 20, 2014. During the sitting 68 Bills were introduced--26 Government, 39 Private Member and 3 Private and Local. In addition to the Government and Private and Local Bills only one Private Member's Bill introduced by the sole Independent MLA was passed.

During the sitting there were 27 recorded votes, eight of which were held on the same day--November 7. In effect, the bells rang for 8 hours that day--one hour on each vote that being the maximum time available for bell ringing in accordance with our House of Assembly Rules.

Effective October 27, 2014, Statements by Members were added to the Daily Routine as a result of amendments to the Rules and Forms of Procedure of the House.

During the sitting, 18 points of order/privilege were raised by members. Some of these points were immediately ruled not out of order by the Speaker; however, nine were the subject of written Speaker's rulings. The subject matters of the written rulings were: unparliamentary language; misleading the House; improper use of Statements by Members and conduct of the Deputy Speaker. It is interesting to note that all of the rulings concluded that there had been no a valid point of order or...

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