Other Multilateral Mechanisms

AuthorMark Freeman, Gibran Van Ert
The UN and regional human rights mechanisms described in Chapters
Fourteen and Fifteen are not the only multilateral human rights mech-
anisms of note. We consider the others in this chapter. Many predate
the UN, including the International Committee of the Red Cross and
the Commonwealth. Others are of more recent vintage, such as the
Francophonie and the NAFTA-related Commission for Labour Coop-
eration. Still others are part of the UN network of institutions, focus-
ing on separate, if related, areas of international law. These include the
International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Office of the UN
High Commissioner for Refugees. All of these bodies complement the
work of the mechanisms discussed in prior chapters.
A. International Labour Law Mechanisms
The ILO operates a range of unique mechanisms for the protection of
labour rights. The labour protection mechanisms established under the
North American Agreement on Labour Cooperation 1993 (NAALC)1
are also of relevance to Canada. Each is examined below.2
chapter 16
1 [1994] CanTS no. 4.
2 Not discussed here is the Administrative Tribunal of the ILO. It has been in
operation since 1949 and is responsible for appeals by UN employees regarding
workplace violations such as discrimination and sexual harassment.

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