P. (K.L.), Re, (1984) 55 A.R. 111 (ProvCt)

Judge:Fitch, P.C.J.
Court:Provincial Court (Alberta)
Case Date:January 30, 1984
Citations:(1984), 55 A.R. 111 (ProvCt)

P. (K.L.), Re (1984), 55 A.R. 111 (ProvCt)

MLB headnote and full text

Re P.(K.L.) born February 4, 1972

(No. 5216)

Indexed As: P. (K.L.), Re

Alberta Provincial Court

Fitch, P.C.J.

January 30, 1984.


An illegitimate child was made a temporary ward of the Crown. A wardship maintenance order was made against the mother of the child under s. 19 of the Child Welfare Act. The mother applied to set aside the maintenance order. The Alberta Provincial Court dismissed the application.

Infants - Topic 2553

Illegitimate children - Support by mother of child - The Alberta Provincial Court held that a mother of an illegitimate child is liable to support the child by virtue of s. 20 of the Maintenance and Recovery Act and s. 19 of the Child Welfare Act.

Courts - Topic 87

Stare decisis - Prior decisions of same court, provincial courts - The Alberta Provincial Court stated that prior decisions of a judge of the Alberta Provincial Court should be followed by other judges of the Alberta Provincial Court "unless grave and weighty reasons" show that the case was wrongly decided (see paragraph 25).

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Authors and Works Noticed:

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D.F. McLeod, Q.C., for the Director of Maintenance and Recovery;

C. Docken, for the mother.

The decision of Fitch, P.C.J., was delivered at Calgary, Alberta, on January 30, 1984.

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