Passenger Liability under the Warsaw Convention

AuthorJohn D. Holding, Q.C., MRAeS
[ 35 ]
Chapter 4: Passenger Liability under the
Warsaw Convention
Note: For commentary and case law on those provisions common to
both the Montreal and Warsaw Conventions, see the references to
Chapter 3 set out below.
1) Ambit of Liability
The carrier is liable for damage sustained in the case of death or bod-
ily injury to a passenger,
caused by accident,
on board the aircraft or in the course of the operations of em-
barking or disembarking.1
These provisions are the same as corresponding provisions in the
Montreal Convention.
a) “Accident”
For commentary on the meaning of “accident”, see Chapter 3, Section
A(1)(a) above.
1 Warsaw Convention, art. 17.

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